Я сделал модель и чертежи

Drift Disk

You can buy, sell, exchange b/washes, tyres, deliveries, wheel bolts and all that has to do with car wheels.

In addition to the wall
♪ Affix the goods to the FTO to write its detailed characteristics
♪ The price of the goods and the currency must be specified.
♪ The publication could be published once every 3 days. If you have a few sales items, collect them in one announcement.
♪ Purchase posts are published selectively. Make sure you add a picture or a picture of what you're looking for.
♪ When you say "buy" it's forbidden to leave a phone number or "write in the lungs," write your options, with charles and price
Business/business publications paid. They need to agree with Admin.

Announcement in album
♪ Add detailed har-ki to the photo
♪ Describe the price of the goods and the currency

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