Mapping Simulator

Training of newcomers

This program will help you learn and study the basic driving skills needed to further improve your skills. This part of the programme aims to develop specific elements, techniques and skills for young drivers and their teams who want to move smoothly from carting to larger races. At this stage, we will focus on the search for the fastest lines of the track, determine the correct points of braking, the low end, balancing the psychiatry during the race, aggression, and all that is needed in the race to defend itself and attack.

Training of drivers

Your knowledge of how to use your car's horsepower on the track during the race can influence your choice between glory on the podium or heavy hours in the garage for repairing the car after a failed race. Successful discussions with the car team and its understanding in different situations are one of the many aspects you will learn through our training camp.

All this knowledge will give you a competitive advantage and bring you closer to the victory of your dream. The Motorsport Simulator training camp will be able to give you an important advantage in all aspects of the race season. Endless race manoeuvres, fighting alone or against many rivals under variable conditions. This invaluable help in improving pilot response and making instant decisions that you cannot simulate in the real environment.

On the simulator, you will have hundreds of rounds for training in accordance with your training plan, developing your skills and strategies to maximise useful driving skills, removing mistakes and bad habits. This training camp will provide the pilot with confidence on the track and will be able to manage a lot of situations, as appropriate, on the vending machine. The sense of deja vu will help to build self-confidence, reduce stress and increase attention, enable the driver to increase speed and ensure safety at the limit of his or her capabilities and technology.

Advanced training

For advanced pilots, we have a top simulator programme that aims to work with various tasks to maintain race concentration, maintain race machinery and maintain equipment in good condition throughout the race, achieve high levels, etc.

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