Детский картинг

Carting Children

School and Child Carding Section in Moscow at the Arena Play Club

Children's Carting School is a comprehensive project of the Arena Clubs. Child mapping has been a priority for clubs for many years. The Arena Play Section has been in operation since January 2016.

Children's cartels raise future stars, be they carting or other kinds of autosport. All our children can easily learn how to drive a car, have a flashback and learn to make quick decisions.

We have carefully developed methodologies and curricula. Mapping Section♪ Take into account age-specific characteristics, interests, learning and skills development at early and secondary school age. Our students are between 5 and 14. And we've taken into account everything that can be done from the child of the future pilot and the conquering of race tracks.

Graduates and the most talented children ' s school students in the world and European race tournaments.

Conditions for occupation

The Children ' s School of Carting in Moscow is located in the comfortable wing of the Arena Play. Conditions have been created for both practical and theoretical exercises. There's a convenient locker locker locker locker locker locker before the exit. There's all the necessary equipment for child cartels: helmets, combinations, protective gloves, collars. There's a presentation in the theoretical classroom. All the premises at the Arena Play Club are simple and well-protected, meeting all the requirements for children.

In accordance with the safety requirements, classes are held in special childhood pains:

Child cartridges

The choice of a study card depends on the growth of the pilot.

  • Pilot Cart, Hunda Motors 120 Cub. 4 ls.
  • Pilot Cart, Hunda Motors 160 Cub. See 5, 5 L.S.
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