Как сделать картинг своими

Drawing Of The Carting Frame

Изображение с названием Build a Go Kart Step 1


Part 1

  1. Give me a detailed chart of the future mapping. It can be different sizes, shapes, models. Almost any element can be added to the design of these improvised machines. The bases are chassis, simple engine and steering/brake system.
    • Come creatively to project planning and draw a detailed scheme to make sure you have enough material to complete your work. Look at other carting models to inspire, talk to mechanics who already have experience in carting.
    • Besides, you can find many different models on the Internet if you prefer to trust someone else to design. Use the template to change its taste.
  2. Work hard on the chart dimensions. They are defined by the age and growth of the driver.Изображение с названием Build a Go Kart Step 2 For adolescents, 0.76 metres in width and 1.3 metres in length, for adults 1 metre in width and 1.8 metres in length.
    • It is very important to design the mapping as accurately as possible using specific measurements, otherwise it will be difficult to obtain the materials and their quantities properly.
  3. Collect the materials. If you're limited in the funds, find the low-cost details on the dump. Or you can use the good parts of an old lawn mower or broken cartridges. In the workshops where gasoline repairs are being repaired, you may be given unnecessary details or decommissioned trimmers, as well as a four-stroke engine with a capacity of 10 to 15 horsepower with a horizontal waist and a clutch transmission. Here's what you need:
    • For chassis:
      • 9.2 meters 2, 5 centimeter square tube
      • 1.8 metres 2 centimetres of steel pipe
      • 1.8 metres 1, 5 centimetres
      • Steel plate thickness 0.5 cm, in width and length slightly greater than the engine
      • Fener or metal (for seat and head)
      • Sydney
    • For engine:
      • Digs (may be taken by an old petrol trimmer)
      • A cable suitable to the star ' s foot
      • Bolts, shaibs
      • Fuel tank
    • For transmission:
      • Coles
      • Rule
      • Hand gearbox and manual brake
      • Water
      • Puppets
      • Rifle
      • Brake coat
      • Gross/gas pedal
  4. Get a welded machine. If you can't cook, you'll have to hire a weld.Изображение с названием Build a Go Kart Step 4 The most important part of the cartage is the strong chassis that will keep you during the drive. The engine is in place. If you intend to make a chassis of several pieces, the weld shall be made at a sufficiently high temperature and penetration, with steak stitches. Otherwise the elements may be badly welded, and there will be bubbles, cracks and/or strong only in the view that your maps will become a death machine.
    • If you've never done a weld, don't start with it. Mapping♪ Start with small items to practice.
  5. Think about getting a set of details for the map. If you're not interested in designing and fixing the details of the mapping, buy a designer with detailed instructions and schemes that you can easily gather without welding using simple tools.
    • It'll cost you about $550 if you're happy to collect cartridges on your own without a moroquito.
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