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Having gained considerable experience in projects such as the 16-cylindrical Auto Union and Volkswagen Kafer, the awarding engineer Ferdinand Porsche set up his business in 1931. The first German brand vehicle was Porsche 64, which used the components from Volkswagen Kafer.

During the Second World War, Porsche participated in the development of heavy Tiger tanks and produced military-related products: headquarters vehicles and amphibia.

In 1945, Ferdinand Porsche was arrested and imprisoned on charges of war crimes. The engineer was in prison for almost two years, but his case was continued by son Ferdinand Anton Ernst, who gathered a prototype of 356 with an engine in the base and an open aluminium body. This copy was ready for public roads by the summer of 1948. The first serial passenger cars Porsche had an engine behind the rear axle, which significantly reduced production and released space for two additional salon sites.

Over the years, the construction of Porsche ' s cars has become increasingly perfect, the encryption and power of the engines have increased, disk brakes have been introduced on all wheels and a synchronized gearbox. The Aggregates from Volkswagen on Porsche were replaced by elements of the company ' s own development. In addition, the Porsche model line has introduced new versions of bodywork - rodsters and chardtops.

In 1951, Ferdinand Porsche, whose health was severely damaged in prison, died from a heart break at the age of 75.

In 1963, for the first time, the Porsche 911 model was seen on the Frankfurt cars. Dise of the modern Classic sports car Body lines were developed by the grandson of Founder Ferdinand Alexander Porsche.

At the beginning of the 1970s, the German enterprise ceased to be family, the legal status of the firm changed. After restructuring, the Porsche family partially lost control of the company ' s affairs, as the share of the capital in it now came to the Pieh family. The first director of the company, who was not a member of the Porsche family, Ernst Führmann, had taken a bad decision to replace Porsche 911 with a classical unit sports vehicle. But the sluggish commercial launch of the new project revealed that the 911 model was irreplaceable.

After Fuhrmann was resigned, his place is occupied by the American manager Porsche Peter Schutz. He returned the car to Porsche 911 inaccurate status as the main German firm model. Among the large novels of the Shutz era, Porsche 911 Carrera in the Turbo-look version with wide rear wings and large spider (in the simplicity of the bottom, the kettle tail or the picnic table).

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