Первый спорткар Kia появится к

New Athlete From Kia

Kia обзавелась новым спорткаромThe South Korean Motor Vehicle Company Kia has decided to bring to a logical conclusion the earlier history of the GT sports concession. The road promises to come out with the name Stinger.

As it has been known earlier, the Korean novel will be a handsome five-door man who will welcome the future owner not only the back drive but also the most powerful engine in the company's history under the hood.

Despite the fact that the producer itself is positioning a new, sedan, the outer Stinger is more like a hatchback. According to the eyewitnesses, the automobile was similar to Audi A5 Sportback. The leadership of the Korean brand prefers to consider BMW 3 and 4 series, Infiniti Q50 and Lexus IS.

With regard to the size of Kia Stinger, the vehicle was really large, a simple salon and a comfortable stay of passengers inside, providing a length of 4, 83 metres and a wheelbase of 2, 9 metres. In addition, a very luggage compartment was also given to the jelly horse.

The manufacturer has already denounced two petrol engines for his novel. Both the aggregates were with turbines. The classic two-litre engine will develop a power of 255 horsepower, and the more powerful 3, 3-litre will celebrate 365 horses and a torque of 494 Nm. Both units will be in the tandem with an eight-stage automatic transmission.

When the vehicle is default, it will be re-drived, but the optical sedan will be rewarded and complete. According to the manufacturer, to the sunset, the most powerful version can only run in five, one second. The maximum speed of such Stinger will reach 269 km/h.

Closer to the launch of Kia Stinger sales in Europe, which has not yet been started, the manufacturer promises to present a more cost-effective diesel option. Until then, Kia Stinger will be able to evaluate exclusively American buyers.

However, in Europe, the new Kia had already been painted - the numerous test models had traditionally been tested in Nürburgring under the leadership of Albert Birman - he had previously served as Head of Unit M at BMW.

It is worth noting that Kia Stinger has become the first model in the history of the Korean brand, which has been awarded to an electronically adjustable adaptive suspension and the possibility of changing the steering effort. In addition, full-fledged modification is also equipped with a traction control system.

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