Дрифт в Японии — карточка от

Drift In Japan

You're familiar with the feeling of childhood: a new year is about to come, and you're going to try the chickens, and something very, very good, almost magical... But it's a little sad, though, 'cause it's gonna be too fast and it's gonna take a year to wait again.

That's what it was in the head the night of September 21st. There will be a dream of many Russian pilots and viewers: there will be a Guru drift on Russian soil and those who studied their video on YouTube are Japanese and Russians. And they met, and the party took place, and now they're waiting all year again... But for now, let's remember how this happened, no doubt, a historic event.

Would it look like where, as not in the Vladivostok, the country ' s most automobile city, a world-class autostrative track should have emerged? Where, as not at the Primring, the first, historic meeting of the fathers of the drift and “children” was to take place at the Japanese drift-net. It's obvious, isn't it? But how many times have to be overcome so that D1 PrimRing GP becomes a reality! And he did.

D1 Primring GP passed at altitude. In all senses

A little numbers.

Forty-six pilots from Russia and eight from Japan participated in the race weekend.

The Russian-Japan Drift Battle has gathered a total of 10,000 people in three days.

The internet broadcast on the Primring official channel on YouTube was seen both 4,000 people live at the same time. In the first 24 hours, the D1 Primring GP video is over 50,000 viewers!

Japanese pilot fleet

So, D1 PrimRing GP started from the fifth stage of the RCD-East: training and qualifications on Friday, combat trips on Saturday. St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Sakhalin, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Khabarovsk, Blagoveszholsk, Longorsk, Vladivostok, for the first time, Drifters from all over the country fought RCD-East.

Traditionally, a strong team of racers from Krasnoyarsk (headed by Gochae Chiwchian and Arkady Caregradska) this year was complemented by a newcomer, Damir Idiatulin. It's not enough to think that a pilot who runs his first season in professionals will make a real sensation! But later.

BADASS GTR32 Red Ring in Krasnoyarsk

Results of the fifth phase of the RCD-East

  1. Arkadia, Krasnoyarsk
  2. Chivchiang Georgi, Krasnoyarsk
  3. Hibino Tetsui, Russia-Japan
  4. Idiotulin Damir, Krasnoyarsk
  5. Jedi Catherine, Vladivostok
  6. Sawchkin Alexander, Vladivostok
  7. Kurenbin Ivan, St. Petersburg
  8. Abramov Alexander, Vladivostok
  9. Panchenko Evgeny, Vladivostok
  10. Fedorov Ilya, Khabarovsk
  11. Bulichev Alexander, Vladivostok
  12. Avsharov Constantin, Vladivostok
  13. Vorbiev Sergei, Vladivostok
  14. Shumilkin Egor, Khabarovsk
  15. Ri Denis, Vladivostok
  16. Nemaltin Ilya, Vladivostok

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