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Front Drive Drift

In the previous article, we figured out where and how the dryft was born, who formed it as a movement and as a culture, and what they went and continue to drive those who don't think of their life without moving on the brink. Today, we'll find out how to do this right, what criteria the competitions are assessed, and why, anyway, your diesel Volkswagen Passat isn't good for drift.

" Drift (angl. Drift) - Turning techniques and type of motorways characterized by a deliberate rear-axle failure and a gangway in a controlled end as far as possible to keep speed angles on the track requiring a rear axle from the vehicle. " That's what Wikipedia says, and we agree.

In the photo: Cloth after several trips

What's the drift different from the power slip?

Let's go back to our unhappy Diesel Passatus, which we brought at the beginning as a very remote vehicle. It's easy. The fact is that since his birth in 1973 he has been issued mainly in front-wheel, excluding rare special modifications. Well, by the way, he could've come for a force slip.

But what's the difference? The notion of power slip is more extensive than that of drift, which is in fact one of its kind. But a lot of people call almost every drift, and that's a misconception. The power slip (aueride, from English powerslide) occurs when, when a turning point force shifting the vehicle outwards exceeds the wheel clutch force with the road surface, resulting in the back or all four wheels.

The decisive parameters are not the type of transmission or the power of the engine, but only the speed of the vehicle and the coefficient of adhesion of the wheels with the surface. So, when you're at Grandpa Logan on the entrance to the change-of-the-good entrance, you can't brag about the next day like you're a great "drythal" yesterday.

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