Большие победы на Subaru Rally

Rallie Subaru

Impreza is a imaginary word from the original Italian word "impresa " , which means the thirst for success. In Polish, Impreza means " party " , " event " or " show " .

Impreza appeared after the withdrawal of the popular Subaru Leone/Loyale model with an outdated series of EA series engines. Impreza started with a series of EJ engines that were already popular in the senior model, Subaru Legacy.

Impreza (Russian Impreza) is based on the Legacy short-circuit platform. The model is produced from the four-two " sedan " , the five-two Hatchbek and the two-track " coup " . In 2000, the Impreza model received a special award entitled " The magnificent concept of the vehicle and its technical features " at the Japan 2000/2001 Automobile competition.

Imprison and Sport

Since 1990, in the history of Subaru, cooperation with the British Prodrive company has started a special period. The Concern decided to take part in the auto-sport, and Prodrive started cooking Subaru cars for the competition.

In 1994, athlete Carlos Sinz (Carlos Sainz) took the place of a pilot behind the Impreza wheel, which, after Subaru Legacy, became a full participant in the WRC. He won the stages: Acronymouspolis (Greece), New Zealand and RAC Ralli (RAC rally), becoming a threatening figure among champions and team members. This year, Subaru became Team 2.

The Impriza chassis has been more successful in the rally than the previous subara body, namely Subaru Legacy. The competition in the rally required the designers to move towards the lighter and small body. Subaru presented the Impreza, which, by debutting, immediately climbed to a subway of 1,000 lakes in '93. To create an even more competitive car for Impris Subara, they took part with Prodrive's partner.

Immediately after the first victory in the WRC (and for the unopened subara team and for her young driver, now the late Colin McRae Colin McRae.() On Subaru Legacy in 1993 on Rallie New Zealand, the empreza was finishing the second. The new pilot, the World Champion in 1990 and 1992, Carlos Sains brought her first victory at Rallie Acropolis in 1994.

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