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The Safest Sports Car



Volvo XC90

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The major innovation that had to be seen in the direct sense by Euro NCAP protesters last year was an undesignable barrier. It was accompanied by 100 per cent closures at 50 km/h.

The interesting feature of this test is the selection of " human resources " , namely, dummies: the passenger sits on the right in the rear seat instead of the front, with the man-made driver simulating 150 cm and a 50 kg miniature woman. The maximum 16 points from the traditional crash test with a 40 per cent cut at a speed of 64 km/h were equally divided between these tests.

Volvo XC90 was the best in the big parks segment. The protection of adult passengers was estimated at 97 per cent, and the fear system, which has a significant impact on the outcome evaluation, is 100 per cent.mercedes-benz_glc_250d_3 The latter made it possible to compensate for the " heavy " gear, which resulted in the vehicle receiving " total " 72 per cent for the protection of pedestrians in collision.


Mercedes-Benz GLC

Electronic support enabled Mercedes-Benz GLC, a small SUV champion, to recruit only 72 per cent, but the " five-way " received 95 per cent for an adult passenger, 89 per cent for a child, and the " catch-up " abilities were estimated at 82 per cent.


Infiniti QX30

infiniti_q30s_2.0t_awd_34Some models have shown themselves the way to the buyers' hearts by five stars in Euro NCAP, but there are cracks! Example is Infiniti Q30 (Small Family Vehicle category), which is a front-load platform with compact Mercedes-Benz. Hetchbek does not provide adequate protection against whiplash, especially in the rear seat. Adult protection was estimated at 84 per cent, and children accounted for 86 per cent. In the case of pedestrians, the vehicle guarantees 91 per cent of the viability of a two-way liver and another 81 per cent of the vehicle counted for fearing electronics.


Jaguar XE

Among the " big family cars " , the leadership of Jaguar XE, which, by word, is not so big, BMW of the 3rd series. The British, the first example of the iQ[Al] aluminium platform, has gained commendable 92 per cent for adults. The safety of the smallest crew members is 82 per cent, the pedestrian is 81 per cent, and an additional 82 per cent of the vehicle was taken for electronics.

jaguar_xe_r_sport_28 honda_jazz_32 ford_galaxy_10 volkswagen_touran_18
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