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Infinities Of Sports Cars

Q50 2.0 RWD Premium

2, 0-litre petrol engine with a turbocharged power of 211l.s.
7-step automatic gearbox with manual switching mode
17 " light wheel discs, 225/55R17 summer tyres

♪ Includes all standard equipment Q50 2.0 RWD Base
♪ Leather salon

♪ Includes all standard equipment Q50 2.0 RWD Elegance
♪ Full lighting (LED) with headlamp inclination level
• European Volume Signal Infiniti
♪ Rear seats in proportion 40/60
♪ Rain sensor + light sensor
♪ Bulk-control Plasma Cluster with microfiltration and coal-filter to reduce external smells and smoke
♪ Front and rear
♪ Aluminium decoration of Kacchu central console and fence panels
18 light wheel discs, 225/50R18 summer tyres
♪ Double rear-view exterior mirrors with electric control transmission
♪ Intelligent key, ignition switch button
♪ Remembrance of two options for the position of the driver ' s seat, steering column and exterior rearview mirrors, navigation and audio systems with individual Intelligent key plates
♪ Driver and front passenger seat with electric position
♪ Sporting front bumper and thresholds
♪ Hand-held gear switches from magnificent alloy
♪ Aluminium paediatric linings
• Welcome Lightning (Intuitive Lighting) system, equitably illuminated car and space around it when approached and removed from the vehicle.

I'll tell you what.

Perfect forms, which I think you can love forever. Dynamics filled with comfort. A luxury salon where every detail is in its place. The new Infiniti Q50 of 2016 is stunning with exquisite power, making the heart fight in a rhythm. This car will fill your life with bright paints, helping to forget the grayness of everyday life. Buy Infinity Cou50, and get the real pleasure of every trip!

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