Шестиколесный Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes Sports Cars

The Russian office Mercedes-Benz called the initial prices of AMG GT and the Mercedes-Maybach S500.

The joint development of Mercedes and the AMG sports unit was officially presented in early September. The manufacturer is positioning the car as a sports car every day. The main competitors of AMG GT in the company are Porsche 911.

The body of the vehicle is 4546 mm long, 1939 mm wide and 1,289 mm high. Weight - 1540-1570 kg depending on the modification.

AMG-GT is equipped with a fully new four-litre V8 turbocharger, with a capacity ranging from 462 l.s. (600 Nm) to 510 l.s. (650 Nm). Aggregate works in a couple with a seven-step " boot " . Up to the height, the sports car is run in four (462-power version) or 3, 8 seconds (510 ls).

The automobile is equipped with a self-locked e-management differential, a sports subway AMG Ride Control with the possibility of setting amortizers, as well as an AMG Dynamic Plus package that includes dynamic engine and transmission pillars.

There's a more powerful 510-strong version in the first RF. Its price would be 6,8 million roubles. In the future, Mercedes would offer Russians and 462-powered AMG GT, but the cost of the modification would be known later.

The length of the body of Maybach-Mercedes is 5,435 mm, 20 mm longer than S-Class. The outer form was marked with 66 mm doors, the cleared distance was placed under small windows located in the back of the roof. As a result of this change, passengers sit outside the doorway - the company says it makes their clients feel private.

The vehicle also received a special radiator bar and the letters of Maybach. The main difference between Maybach and S-Class is marked in the salon - he received a luxury hand-operated work from expensive materials and two back chairs with massage and a back-inclination of more than 40 degrees.

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