Фото Мерседес-Бенц, спорткар

Mercedes Benz Sports Car Photo

amg-gt-1.jpgRobert Lesnick, Director of the design of the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT, claims that his purpose was to create a car that would like to cool. The goal is that the sports car is truly admirable!

Almost supercar.

This car has a lot in common with the Mercedes-Benz supercar SLS, the same footprints of both suspensions, aluminium thresholds, similar central tunnels and much other. The back door is made of steel (this is a full hatchback), there are levers of the rear suspension. However, unlike SLS, the new vehicle has only a sports style. The door opens not upwards but sidewards; the turbocharger 4.0 is used. Mercedes-Benz AMG GT, which can be bought in our salon, can be praised by an incredible capacity of 510 l.


The wheelbase is slightly smaller than the SLS, the nose is also shorter. However, the minimum size difference is only a few centimetres, so there's no comfort problem. This model is much cheaper than its " superintendent " with similar technical characteristics.

Rapid temptation

The 100 km/h will only take three, eight seconds, a fantastic result for a car with a front engine and a rear drive. The maximum speed of AMG GT is limited to electronic systems, but the limiter only works 310 km/h.

Even at high speeds, the convenience of management remains. Control components prevent all up to the limit. The slip will not lead to a loss of control, no problems with steering and pedal management.amg-gt-3.jpg The vehicle is equipped with a tight suspension, so the convenience is guaranteed even without switching to Comfort.

Beautiful track option

AMG GT is perfect for the track movement - there's 100% of the advantages of a powerful carbon-keramic brake. The rigid suspension shall be corrected with slight defects, the dynamic legs of the engine and the transmission assemble the vehicle in a single whole, preventing inertia. It's a real race car that doesn't have a regular highway. He needs a master who's in love with speed.

Elite sports car at LUCO-Centreft

Call us on the phone and order Mercedes-Benz AMG GT--Aristocrat from the sports car world.

You want to check the car before you buy it? Write on the test drive and meet your future athlete.

amg-gt-4.jpg amg-gt-5.jpg

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