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Like all the outstanding cars, Chevy Corvette of the second generation has an interesting history of origin. Besides, such legends surround a lot of bikes and legends. It happened to Corvette. One such legend was the rumor that the push to create a new second generation of Corvette was that the main competitor of the GM, Ford, was about to market a competition for Corvette.Краткий обзор In fact, it's just a rumor, because the idea of a completely new concept of the second generation came up in Chevy's company in 1957. By the way, the first serial Chevrolet Corvette C2 saw the world only at the end of 1962.

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It all started with the Corvette Development Manager's experiments - Bila Mitchell and Zora Arcus-Dantum. They were inspired by the idea of an innovative athlete in the back and centre of the engine.Краткий обзор It was also assumed that the new Corvette would have a steel body, with fewer and easier old models. That idea was most popular with Arcouss-Dants, because it was him who worked at the same time on the compact backwater Chevy Corwayr. At the same time, a prototype, called Q-Corvette, used a unit and a force part from Korweir, including its complex 6-cylindrical engine with air cooling. Later, in the fall of 1959, most Q-Corvette nodes were moved to the next prototype, XP-720, which became final for the 2nd generation of Corvette.

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One of Chevrolet Corvette C2

While Zora Arcouss-Dantum and his team were developing a brand-new chassis, the design department led by Peter Brock and Chuck Poolman was working on a new body. At the same time, a full-fledged capsule with a wooden frame was created to develop an interior.

Later, for practical reasons, the developers had to abandon the idea of a backbone and a steel body. It was finally decided to use glazing bodies with a spatial steel frame as a cell. Such a design allowed the body to become much more stringent and safer, even slightly gaining in mass than the previous model. But the basic requirements remained a great simplicity and comfort of the interior, better management, and excellent chaining with the road. In addition, in the early 1960s, GM was actively experimenting with a fully independent subweigh, resulting in the introduction of a rear independent suspension into new models, including Corvette.

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