формула русь

Formula Racing

Formula RUS-START.JPGThe Formula RUSSY Champion has been held since 2002 on the tracks of Moscow and St Petersburg and consists of separate " race weekends " . Since 2003, these competitions have been classified as " Russia ' s Championate " . The Championate consists of two parts: the first part is the sampling phases, the second, the final part is the " Russia ' s Championate " .

Selection phases From May to August, each race weekend consists of tests, qualifications and two races. Practically any licensed RAF pilot and rental car may be involved in this race. On a special decision, pilots from 14 years of age are allowed to go.

Formula RUS202.jpgSeptember-October. Each " race weekend " consists of two stages, each stage of testing, qualification and race. Only pilots who have been selected according to the competition rules are allowed to participate. The competition is between pilots and teams.

Basic rules

  • Each racer only participates in Formula's chassis with the same engines and tyres. All cars have the same construction on the suspension race and the aerodynamic. The technical regulations are followed by RAF representatives.
  • The team may consist of one or two pilots.Formula RUS203.jpg Each pilot is involved in all the races, and each of them has glasses.
  • The race weekend usually consists of three days. 1st test day, 2nd clearance and qualification, 3rd mine and 2 races.
  • Pilots and crews have no right to repair or regulate. Repairs are carried out by the organizer of the race.


  • Alfa Romeo Twin Spark 16V (Italy)
  • work, litres: 2
  • Number of cylinders 4
  • Number of valves 16
  • Injection
  • power l.s. 157 at 6,400 o/min
  • torque, Nm 187 at 3,500 a/min


  • Dry, one-disclosure
  • Hewland gearbox LD-200-5 (United Kingdom)
  • Number of gears 5
FormulaRUS-car108.jpg FormulaRUS-car111.jpg Formula RUS206.jpg Formula RUS207.jpg
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