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Photo: Pavel Pitisin

Lada Vesta is a vehicle on the new Russian VC platform developed by AVVAZ engineers in collaboration with Renault-Nissan Alliance specialists. Lada Vesta will be issued in Ijevska since autumn 2015.

The original design of the Hatchbek Lada XRAY has been developed by the AVVAZ stylers. The construction of the vehicle is co-organized by Renault and AVVAZ specialists at the B0 platform. Its production should begin in Toliatti in 2016.

" Our goal is to restore pride to the people for the Lada brand, and the President of AVWAZ BU Andersson shared plans. Today we have shown two promising models, and tomorrow, 28 August, I invite everyone to 10.30 to present the Lada Vesta race. We don't have much time to do with our ambitious plans, but we'll try to surprise the public every day. "

Our goal is to get people proud of the Lada brand.

In addition to the concessions, AVTVAZ provided sports and serial equipment in Moscow, as well as novels, to be sold in the fall, including Lada Kalina Cross and Lada Largus Cross.

In the Moscow International Motor Vehicle 2014, the company also organizes a round table under the theme " Making Russian cars - building your career " , where its leaders will discuss the prospects for a domestic car sale with industry experts and young professionals.

ROAD - One of Europe's largest motor producers. Today, the AVVWAZ capacity allows approximately 800,000 vehicles and vehicles to be produced under Lada, Renault, Nissan, Datsun. Since 1970, the factory has produced more than 28 million Lada vehicles. AVVWAZ products are passenger cars of mass demand from 289,000 to 500,000 roubles at a price range. Lada vehicles are owned by the Grand Prix of the 2013 and 2014 edition of the " Best vehicle for regional use " .

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