Chevrolet Camaro SS 2014

Camaro Chevron

Camaro's Chevy isn't just an American athlete, it's a legend, it's a screaming name. You don't even have to tell me you're on Camaro, and everyone will understand and appreciate you. Correspondent travelled to Chevron with a 6-litre V8 air

The name Camaro doesn't only know the U.S. In the middle of last century, this American athlete was a legend all over the world, and it still remains. In 2002, the fourth generation of Camaro was decided to be phased out. At the end of General Motors, it was not the best thing to do at the time, and the car was not as good as the predecessor and did not use the demand outside the United States.

But in 2009, the car decided to regenerate and build a completely new Chevrolet Camaro, but with an eye on the cars of the 70-80th century. There was a real American Muscle Car with an amazing, inexorable design, a huge atmospheric engine and a classic back drive. There's a car like this and a correspondent on Moscow.


One kind of Shevi Camaro throws a shave. Disagents were able to transmit to the new model the spirit of legend, power and power of the present. American athletes♪ When you're going to Camaro, to say that everyone's paying attention to her is not to say anything. Without exception, everyone just turns their head around trying to look at the details of this car. A huge car.

Despite the fact that Camarao is a merchant, the machine is comparable to business class seeds. Its length is more than 4.8 metres and the width is almost 2 metres.

Inside, it's a classic bill. Back seats are present, but only formally. At the front, however, it's simplic, and you feel very protected by narrow glass and low landing.

Unfortunately, the effective appearance of Chevy Camaro has no continuation inside the vehicle. It's very simple, it's too easy and cheap for a car worth 2, 6 million roubles. A mediocre plastic with leather boxes, a small muldyme system that looks different on the instrument panel. The instrument thickness is, in principle, stylish, as are the additional pressure sensors, the oil temperature in the gearbox, etc., which were located on the central tunnel. Classic, but I'd like to see her being more intelligent or even more virtuous.

Otherwise, the car has a complete gentleman's set. It even has seat heating, cruise control, stabilization system, of course, air conditioner. And the acoustic system with the forcer and nine columns.

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